Ernest Hemingway, I love you!

Don’t worry… it’s love in a manly, bear hug type of a way, for everything you ever wrote. I’m ashamed and gratified, all at once, because even though I haven’t read it all yet, my heart’s gladdened because I know I’ve tons of enjoyment to look forward to.

BUT… I just have one tiny complaint.

It’s about your 6 word story. (At least I completely believed it was your story until I read this erudite article.) Whether you really wrote this 6 word jewel or not (and who am I to ever doubt you) your massive presence connected to this myth ruined it for the rest of us scribblers…

For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

Let’s face it Mr Hemingway, after that, no one of any import, ever bothered again. At least I never heard about it. As anyone reading those 6 little words knows, it’s not those bon mots, it’s the story within them that matters. Why are the shoes ‘never worn’? Did the child die? The mother died? Wrong size shoes? Well they’re a few possibilities.

And that’s the nub of the 6 word story. Those 6 little words are shorthand, a precis, for the rest of the story. If the 6 words were For Sale: Baby shoes. Baby died. then there would be no mystery and no interest for the reader, would there?

So with all this in mind I recently had a 10 minute splurge on 6 word stories, tying them down to 2 genres. I’m embarrassed to present them, but these truths should be out in the open.

My very paltry efforts follow…

SciFi genre

That’s one small step for man…
this might not count as it’s a quote from Neil Armstrong, but I’m including it here.

Oh my god, that’s not Kirk!
(Star Trek transporter issues?)

The hissing stops. I can’t breathe!

Horror genre

Johnny’s home! Quick, hide the axe!
a nod to the film “The Shining” with this one.

If Frankenstein’s dead, then who’s that?

This chicken’s delicious… Where’s the cat?

I know. I’m sorry, but I did my best. Have a go and let me know how you did? Was it easy?

More about the great man here.

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