At a recent writers group meeting, we wrote a piece based on "interruptions". Lauren gave us a starting prompt, and we all did a piece of free writing. Every few minutes Lauren interrupted us with another prompt until the last and then time was called...
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At our writing group last week we started to write a Cento. Lauren brought a great many poetry books by poets such as Eaven Boland, Dylan Thomas, John Fuller, Bob Dylan! Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Read more


Here's a poem abut one of my cats... Read more

Oscar, Ella and Ringo

Those are the names of our cats. I said are, and that’s true. They are the names of our cats, it’s just that one of them isn’t our cat anymore.Read more

Calvin and Hobbes

Recently, after making a donation, my wife brought home a book of comic strips from a charity table at work. It was "The Calvin And Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book" by Bill Watterson, commemorating his own comic strip, which was pretty big in US newspapers in the 80's and 90's. (This book's been great company in the bathroom, by the way.)
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Streets of fire

A picture of a boy and a miner freshly out of the mine inspired me to write this piece of flash fiction...

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The Elephant of Doom

Steve Wilson

(no relation!) recently published another of his brilliant books "The Element of Death" which I'm currently reading. Steve's tale gave me an idea for a title. Perhaps my story doesn't quite live up to the title, but who cares.

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The Morning After the Night Before

Lauren brought in 6 paintings to inspire. The one that "spoke" to me was "Rooms By the Sea" painted in 1951 by Edward Hopper [many thanks to the Emyoku Project for this reproduction]. And this is the piece I wrote...Read more


Here's a conversation between two people in completely different worlds...

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Horror flash

I wrote this piece when my friend Lauren brought in another yet another great idea - write some flash fiction. She gave us the idea that a little boy was in bed, meant to go to sleep, but he couldn't, for the very good reason that he thought there was something hiding under the bed! Read more