sketching the lake

Sketching the lake

Sketching the lake

Here’s today’s sketch made on another grey, cold UK day.  Having climbed over a fence I managed to sit on a plastic bench to draw, believing less people would walk immediately behind me. I’m still very shy about drawing in public. Chiefly because I think I’m not very good. Some did of course peer at me, so I clutched my sketch closer to me. When I feel my sketching’s better, I might be more confident about people being around. Until then I’ll be discreet! Practice makes perfect.

My hands were frozen by the end of it but I was pleased. Trouble is I think I’m putting in too much detail. Wish I could do more sketching and less drawing but I can’t get away from the detail.

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sketching the lake

Sketching the windmill

Well it’s Springtime! A lovely day brought out lots of visitors to the town. I felt I should go draw. The windmill shouldn’t be too challenging to draw, I thought!  You can see how wrong I was. I hid in a shelter and drew what I thought I saw.

I’ve photographed the sketch and some of the scene, but I think even the photo could have shown more of the subject.

Oh well. Onward and upward.

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drawing the bay

Sketching the bay

Sketching the bay

Well the drawing lessons have been running for a few weeks now but I’ve been unhappy with my output from them. Maybe it was time to get out from the classroom into the great outdoors and draw what I wanted instead. It was dull and a bit damp when I arrived at the bench I’d selected to sit on. Thankfully it wasn’t damp enough enough to wet the paper, while I spent the best part of 2 hours sketching.  Funny how stiff you get just drawing!  Good job it’s not an Olympic sport.

For the uninitiated I’m holding my sketch in front of the subject, which is the bay near my home.

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drawing the bay

beginners pine cone drawn quickly

"Drawing for beginners"

Beginners please

I started attending a “Drawing for Beginners” evening class at a local college. The 1st lesson wasn’t what I was expecting, but was really enjoyable because I was actually doing some drawing again. After completing the usual admin forms, the tutor said she was going to ‘free us up’.  She explained we needed to relax in order to draw, hence the music on the radio during every lesson I guess.  Next we chose an object to draw from a tray full of knick-knacks.  I chose a pine cone.  We drew our object with our usual hand (mine’s the right), then with our non-drawing hand, then holding the pencil at the very top, then with our “other” hand again at the very top.

A little loosener

After those looseners we started putting objects together on the table to draw a still life.  Natalie gave us 5 minutes start and then asked us to stand up and move a place to the left to work on another person’s drawing.  Soon progressing around the tables we were able to add colour via crayons or pastels. Eventually we landed back at our original drawing and could see all the additions everyone working on it had made.  And they were ‘interesting’!

Judging from the output pictures below, I think I’ve a few lessons to learn!  Boom, boom!

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