• Inside the witch’s house

    Inside the witch’s house

    In the holidays I went to visit the woman that Dad calls a witch. I never got home and I think we’re working on spells together now, but I’m not sure…

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  • About me

    About me

    About night school, writers groups, writing stories, poems, this blog. About me.

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  • Frustration


    In a kitchen setting where an artist was demonstrating tone on a Rembrandt study, via Zoom, an explosion was oddly unexpected. I ducked down. That’s the last Andy McNab I’ll ever read.

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  • Librivox


    How I learned to volunteer my voice on LibriVox the free audiobook provider for books in the Public Domain

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  • A video of my visit to Vik Muniz’s exhibition “Portraits of Garbage”

    A video of my visit to Vik Muniz’s exhibition “Portraits of Garbage”

    It’s hard to believe it was 2012 when I saw Vik Muniz’ Portraits of Garbage exhibition at the CAC Malaga. I made a video!

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  • I Feel Fine

    I Feel Fine

    A long time ago when I lived in the Midlands,  Mum and Dad used to go to a country club that was so posh it had its own hairdressers! And even more incredible to me… inside the hairdressers was a jukebox! The salon owner would give Dad the discarded singles whenever he put new ones into […]

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