Two poems …

I wrote a couple of small (and imperfectly formed) poems…The first was my take on an ‘echo’ poem* where the prompt was ‘edge’. Typically oblique, I made U2’s guitarist, the Edge, (aka David Howell Evans) the subject…

Who am I?

When you are with friends, what are you called?
You were born on which day?
On whose guitars magical chords do you etch?
An item of clothing reflecting your personae?
You travel the world in boats, trains… and?
When you are on stage, what name do they allege?

On Anne You Huang’s poetry blog I found an excellent (and far more proficient) example of an echo poem …

My second poem is a diamante where the prompts were a starting point of ‘young’ and an ending of ‘old’. The idea was a smooth transition from one to another. See how I did…


Elastic, callow
Springing, laughing, everlasting
New every day, Seen it all
Bending, stumbling, aching
Jaded, painful

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