Category: Short stories

  • A Kind of Magic

    A Kind of Magic

    Here’s a story I wrote some time ago, after randomly picking 5 Rory Story Cubes (reading, Big Top, ladder, magician, and a fish) …

  • Tommy’s tale

    Tommy’s tale

    A stranded train passenger tells a tale to pass the time in the waiting room

  • Writer’s Block

    Writer’s Block

    Anyway I was tellin’ you about this geezer. Supposed to have done a lot he has. A lotta writin’ not a lotta wacky baccy! Does a lot of soul searchin’ too I expect. Staring out the window, I mean. Often see him, looking down at me I do. Why me I’ve no idea. I’m not…

  • Adolphus and Me

    Adolphus and Me

    What if a fascist group rose to prominence in the United States, sometime round about now? Huh? Well what would YOU do?

  • The Dean of Gibraltar

    The Dean of Gibraltar

    Here’s an extract from a long standing project I’ve got on, writing a series of short stories about Gibraltar clergy – don’t ask me why but it seemed a good idea at the time!

  • How Honey Got Happy

    How Honey Got Happy

    As soon as Honey Dale woke up, Steve Taylor’s face swam into view. It was a waking nightmare. She stopped herself from screaming as memories flooded back. In spite of the occasional nightmare, Honey knew everything was so much better now.

  • Joosy


    This story was inspired by my sometime tutor’s Bichon Frise dog. It’s a dirty job but someone had to write it…