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Escape from the UK winter (travelling to Spain with a dog, part 1)

Lately I’ve become unhappy with the effect of winter on my state of mind and have yearned for an escape…  Little did I know escape would come with its own chihuahua. This is the first post about my getaway from UK winter blues by travelling to Spain with a dog.

I’m sure I get Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD) each year when I dread the Autumn clock fall-back and the ensuing short days. But it happens in Europe too, so you can’t totally escape it. However the further South you go the nearer you are to the Equator and consequently the warmer it is.

I get in a blue mood when I get cold, and the short days have a depressive effect on me. I’m glad not to have been born in Scandinavia! 6 months of almost constant darkness would have finished me off a long time ago!

I fell out with some of my family in 2015, because I was in a bad mood when I got soaked with freezing rain, just as I was about to meet them for lunch.

Afterwards I said “That’s it!” to my wife. “I’m not going to spend another winter here!  I’m just not putting up with it anymore”.  I did of course. I endured Winter 2016. But the seed of an idea was planted in my mind.

The gods were obviously very displeased with me, because the weather in Winter 2016 was just as bad as ever.  The sky seemed to be grey everyday I woke up, followed up by miserable driving rain and gale force winds.

Luckily we live by the sea, so aren’t partícularly bothered by snow. And there’s not much ice about because of the salt in the air. But the temperature’s still often around 0°C in January and February. So I girded my loins and decided I would definitely not be spending Winter 2017/2018 in the UK!

In the next post I’ll tell you about a little fly that threatened my precious escape ointment!

PS If you liked this why not read about my little problem with a volcano?







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