I Feel Fine

A long time ago when I lived in the Midlands,  Mum and Dad used to go to a country club that was so posh it had its own hairdressers! And even more incredible to me… inside the hairdressers was a jukebox!

The salon owner would give Dad the discarded singles whenever he put new ones into the jukebox.I was waiting for Dad to come home from work one night, so I could play the 45rpm records he’d be bringing. Being 5 or 6 years old I had a toy plastic record player I could play these singles on. I was very expectant.

Waiting on a dark evening with the living room only lit by street lights, and perhaps a Christmas tree, a brilliant idea occurred to me. What would happen if I poked a screwdriver into a plug socket?

It turns out that when you insert a screwdriver blade into a live electric socket, there’s a blue white flash and a bang, and your screwdriver melts at the business end. I was shaken, and my worried mother screamed and ran shouting into the living room. When she found me still alive she calmed down, and so did I. When Dad arrived with a discarded single of the Beatles’ song, “I Feel Fine” I felt even better.

It definitely wasn’t the first time I’d heard the Beatles, Dad knew they were a family favourite. The electricity investigation and this tune are inextricably linked in my memory, so that whenever I hear this song it takes me right back to that evening. Press play below to hear “I Feel Fine”







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