They were arguing again…

"They were arguing again"was a prompt from David Mark's writing class. Here's where it took me.

I lifted my legs out of bed and sat up. The sound of something being smashed and things getting knocked about, came up through the ceiling.

I pulled open my door to see Jane’s was shut. Typical. I could hear the usual loud rap music. As she didn’t answer my knock, I risked opening the door. She was doing something funny with a straw and some white powder at her desk. 

“Don’t you ever knock?” My sister said, as truculently as ever. So sulkily in fact that she nearly knocked me out with her bottom lip.

I lied “I did, but it was drowned out by what’s going on downstairs. Don’t tell me you can’t hear them arguing!” nodding back towards the stairs.

“No I didn’t hear that…”

“I’m not surprised with that crappy music on.” I shouted ” So how d’you know I didn’t knock?”

“You just admitted it” she smiled. A facepalm moment for me I guess.

“It’s Bon and Angus I think, can’t you hear them squealing?!” 

“Dad’ll sort them out.” She muttered sifting the powder around with her straw.

“Jane they’re YOUR bloody Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs!! And Dad’s out.” Only my sister could name her pets after members of the Aussie rock band, AC/DC.

“And, what’s with that powder?!” I pointed at her desk.

 “Look! it’s sherbert!” She waved an empty Sherbert Fountain tube at me. I stuck a finger in it and licked it. She was right.

“Oh all right. Look, just sort them out, Jane.” 

She pulled her hair back on both sides like Miss Piggy and stamped out, and down the stairs.

I lay down again in my room, pulling the covers back over my head. Bloody hangover!

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