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  • The Empuhuh

    The Empuhuh

    RoryStoryCubes helped me write this piece of flash fiction about a dog, a dragonfly and a dragon in a spare half-hour.

  • Interruptions


    Steve got a writing toolkit for Christmas, and last night we each took one of its’ emery boards, each with a prompt on it, and started writing. Then he interrupted us every 5 minutes with another line we used to change the direction of our stories. My starting prompt was I loved the way she…

  • Oscar


    Here’s a poem abut one of my cats…

  • Oscar, Ella and Ringo

    Oscar, Ella and Ringo

    Our cat lost us, so I wrote about the trauma. i guess it helped me.

  • Calvin and Hobbes

    Calvin and Hobbes

    Recently, after making a donation, my wife brought home a book of comic strips from a charity table at work. It was “The Calvin And Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book” by Bill Watterson, commemorating his own comic strip, which was pretty big in US newspapers in the 80’s and 90’s.