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  • ‘bots


    “I know what you mean” St John squeaked. “I mean, where are the women? We came here for a night of sybaritic pleasure and no totty about. Not a sausage. I was so looking forward to putting the pedal to the metal, if you know what I mean.”

  • Round robin anyone?

    Round robin anyone?

    Some time ago I took part in writing a ’round robin’ …

  • Gardenias again

    Gardenias again

    Based on the prompt ‘Gardenias again’, I wrote this piece of flash fiction about a man who, living alone, comes home from another hard day at the office. But all is not well.

  • Interruptions


    Steve got a writing toolkit for Christmas, and last night we each took one of its’ emery boards, each with a prompt on it, and started writing. Then he interrupted us every 5 minutes with another line we used to change the direction of our stories. My starting prompt was I loved the way she…

  • About 35°C in the shade

    About 35°C in the shade

    ‘Opening the wardrobe door’ was a recent writing prompt I was given. Quick as a flash fiction writer, I came up with this…

  • Murder. No mystery.

    Murder. No mystery.

    The runes were cast and these are what the gods came back with – a black cat, a lightning bolt, a light bulb, an eye, a question, a footprint, an abacus, a compass and a magic wand – see the picture! I did my best with this meagre material… so here is my offering!

  • Photo prompt kills!

    Photo prompt kills!

    The little man had sharp blue eyes similar to those of a mynah bird we once had caged in the kitchen at home. Gordon continued, “He’s my most trusted forensic man. He’ll take you through to the morgue…

  • The City

    The City

    I threw some Rory Story Cubes and the images revealed let me imagine a City …

  • Streets of fire

    Streets of fire

    A picture of a boy and a miner freshly out of the mine inspired me to write this piece of flash fiction…

  • The Morning After the Night Before

    The Morning After the Night Before

    You know the one where someone shows you a work of art or even just an everyday household object, and it inspires you to write something? I’ll show you mine, you show me yours…