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  • Gardenias again

    Gardenias again

    Based on the prompt ‘Gardenias again’, I wrote this piece of flash fiction about a man who, living alone, comes home from another hard day at the office. But all is not well.

  • About 35°C in the shade

    About 35°C in the shade

    ‘Opening the wardrobe door’ was a recent writing prompt I was given. Quick as a flash fiction writer, I came up with this…

  • Perfect Day

    Perfect Day

    As part of an exercise in characterisation, the men in my class were asked to write a piece about a woman, and the ladies were to write about a man. Examples given to us were from Alan Bennett’s “A Chip In the Sugar”. I haven’t read the book, but to my knowledge, this lady never lived ‘oop North’…

  • Hand in hand with the great Stephen King?

    Hand in hand with the great Stephen King?

    Recently in my creative writing class we carried out an exercise, adding to the beginning or end of a fragment of text we’d been given by our tutor. I was excited by the start of the story and piggybacked my text on to it. Below is an extract from Stephen King’s “Night Shift”…