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  • A Kind of Magic

    A Kind of Magic

    Here’s a story I wrote some time ago, after randomly picking 5 Rory Story Cubes (reading, Big Top, ladder, magician, and a fish) …

  • The Empuhuh

    The Empuhuh

    RoryStoryCubes helped me write this piece of flash fiction about a dog, a dragonfly and a dragon in a spare half-hour.

  • Murder. No mystery.

    Murder. No mystery.

    The runes were cast and these are what the gods came back with – a black cat, a lightning bolt, a light bulb, an eye, a question, a footprint, an abacus, a compass and a magic wand – see the picture! I did my best with this meagre material… so here is my offering!

  • Tommy’s tale

    Tommy’s tale

    A stranded train passenger tells a tale to pass the time in the waiting room

  • The City

    The City

    I threw some Rory Story Cubes and the images revealed let me imagine a City …