The wheels on the bus …

On Facebook, Writers and Artists Yearbook posted  “Writing exercise time: write a short paragraph to accompany this image.” Here’s one I wrote…

I turned the corner and there was the station with just 2 beautiful red buses in it. An inspector saw me, and after running his eye up and down a clipboard, he said “Gotcha. You’re on this one.” He waved towards the bus with “Heaven” on the destination plate. I joyously jumped aboard the bus whose seats were curiously empty, apart from the blond haired blue-eyed driver with luxuriant, snow white wings. He welcomed me with the words “I thought you’d never get here.” I smiled in reply and ran down the empty corridor straight to the ample back seat. Conversely the companion vehicle to the one I was happily on, was full to the gunnels of very glum folk whose faces were squashed grotesquely against the windows. Sadly there appeared to be no escape from this bus, nor from its nasty looking staff who, it sounded like, were choosing every opportunity to taunt their imprisoned passengers. I checked my watch. Nearly time to leave, so I settled back into the extravagant leather to await any last minute arrival. With a sigh, the driver let out the clutch and we drifted out of the station, heavenwards on a silent pillow of air.







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