Another audiobook completed – “No Man’s Land” by H.C. McNeile

i’ve completed reading another audiobook for Librivox and it’s available for free.

To date (4 Aug 2022) it’s had 20,999 page views and 4 people have kindly favourited it. It’s not possible to say how many folks have downloaded it and played it, but a fair few will have, I’m pleased to say.

About the author

HC McNeile, was born on 28 September 1888. He was in France on active service for 32 months. McNeile fought during the First and Second battles of Ypres and at the Battle of the Somme, where he was gassed.

As Herman was not a popular name in the UK during wartime, McNeile preferred to be called Cyril. Dispatches contains a record of his brave actions. In 1916 he received the Military Cross for military service and achievements,

He retired on to the reserve officer list, in the rank of major, following injury.


Serving soldiers could not publish books using their real names. As a result, the newspaper magnate Lord Northcliffe, christened McNeile with the pseudonym “Sapper”. The sobriquet reflected “Sapper’s” Royal Engineers background, and protected his identity.

Bulldog Drummond

McNeile’s greatest creation was Bulldog Drummond, about whom he wrote 10 espionage novels from 1920 onwards.

“No Man’s Land”

Amongst other books “Sapper” wrote, is the audiobook we’ve made at Librivox, “No Mans Land”. Read much more about “No Man’s Land” on M Porcius’ excellent website. Cover image is from the US edition of the book published in 1917. Thanks to Edward James and his excellent website for this image.

Listen here!

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