Cover for book, The Man With the Black Feather by Gaston Leroux

Another free audiobook finished …

I’ve recently finished narrating my 5th solo audiobook The Man with the Black Feather by Gaston Leroux (translated by Edgar Jepson) for, the free audiobook provider. Find out how to listen…

Here’s a brief plot summary …

Theophrastus Longuet is a retired manufacturer of rubber stamps in Paris. He now spends his days relaxing, cushioned from life’s sometimes unpleasant changes of fortune, with Marceline his lovely wife and M. Lecamus his long time friend.

However into every life a little rain must fall, and it becomes apparent that a perfect storm is about to arrive in the lives of our tranquil threesome. The malevolent spirit of the murderous brigand Cartouche, executed in Paris in 1721, is about to disrupt their perfect lives in a way that will change them all forever. Not even the enigmatic Mage, casting spells in his mysterious underground crypt, might be enough to save them all.

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction

Language: English

Listen for free or download for free offline listening from or from The Internet Archive






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