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  • Horror flash

    Horror flash

    I wrote this piece when my friend Lauren brought in another yet another great idea – write some flash fiction. She gave us the idea that a little boy was in bed, meant to go to sleep, but he couldn’t, for the very good reason that he thought there was something hiding under the bed!

  • Just like Conan Doyle?

    Just like Conan Doyle?

    Don’t deny you always wanted to write like Conan Doyle? Me too. So I gave it a go.

  • In The Machine

    In The Machine

    …as he pressed the On button, there was a loud report, the TV screen shattered and an acrid cloud exuded from the gaping hole…

  • Perfect Day

    Perfect Day

    As part of an exercise in characterisation, the men in my class were asked to write a piece about a woman, and the ladies were to write about a man. Examples given to us were from Alan Bennett’s “A Chip In the Sugar”. I haven’t read the book, but to my knowledge, this lady never lived ‘oop North’…

  • Hand in hand with the great Stephen King?

    Hand in hand with the great Stephen King?

    Recently in my creative writing class we carried out an exercise, adding to the beginning or end of a fragment of text we’d been given by our tutor. I was excited by the start of the story and piggybacked my text on to it. Below is an extract from Stephen King’s “Night Shift”…

  • The Rock

    The Rock

    I think this was one of the first pieces of ‘flash fiction’, for want of a better term, I ever wrote in the first Creative Writing class I attended, in 2009. It came out of a lesson to which my tutor brought a smooth khaki coloured rock, and told us the 15 ideas it had given him for a story. He asked us to use our imagination and to come up with something ourselves …