Here’s a conversation between two people in completely different worlds…

“Well I’m here.  I came.”

“About time too.”

“I said I would, didn’t I?  Now, don’t be like that.”

“Well I’ve been waitin’ for ages for you”

“And here I am”

“Aye well …’appen.  Anything new?”

“Anything new?  You’ve never said that to me before.  It’s usually “‘owt new” is what you say!”

“It’s just a manner of speakin’ Joyce.”

“Well you’ve changed.  Gone posh I think.”

“What, me?”

“Never used to speak to me like that before.  Least not in that way.”

“Before?  Before what?”

“Well, you know…. Before.”

“Aye well, that’s how things are now.  There’s now and well… there’s before.  And things are different now.”

“I know Bob.  I know they are.  I’m missing you Bob.  I’m missing you an awful lot love.”

“Well we’ve got to be strong about it old girl.  It’s just the way things turned out.  Don’t go soft on me now.”

“You’ll be telling me next that it’s not for ever and stuff like that.”

“Aye well.  Maybe I will and maybe I won’t”

“Any news, Bob?”

“You can still make me laugh though Joyce”

“Can I?”

“Aye it’s just the way you say things, You were copyin’ me, weren’t you eh?”

“Well…  maybe I was and maybe I wa’n’t.  S-o-o-o-o??”

“I do know what you mean old girl.  I don’t ferget that quickly.”

“Bob you always were sharp.  You’ve a slow way of talking, but your mind’s always been like a razor.”

“Mr Welbeck’s been in to see me.  Proper respectful like.  He fussed around ‘e did.  It would’ve been proper funny if it hadn’t been … well, strange. Joyce”

“I know Bob.  I know it must be proper strange for you, ‘cos it’s funny for me too.”

“Funny?  Funny old girl.  Nowt funny about it from here”

“I know Bob.  Anyway…. Mr Welbeck’s always been good to this family.  He’s done you proud though Bob.  You look beautiful.  I’ve never seen you looking so clean and well… well… you know, well turned out.”

“He’s a smart as they come is Mr Welbeck”

“No you Bob.  You’re the smart ‘un in your new suit.”

“Does it look good Joyce?  I wanted to look me best for you.  Well you … and the boys.  They couldn’t come Joyce?  Not tonight?”

“Not tonight Bob.  Not tonight.  To tell you the truth Bob, well Robert was a bit upset.  And Jamie, well James went out with Margie.  They do look good together Bob.”

“I know they do lass, but I just thought that tonight…. well you mightn’t have to come out on your own”

“It’s no imposition to me.”

“Himposition!  Himposition!  I should think not it’s no Himposition to come out te see your husband Joyce”

“Stop it now, you shouldn’t get so excited.  Have a rest.”

“Rest!?  Now that is funny.”

“Bob you’ll have a stroke if you don’t calm … oh Bob.  I wasn’t thinking.  I’m sorry”

“It’s all right old girl.  It were my fault.  Forgetting my place, so to speak”

“e Bob, but you do look good.  Best I’ve seen you for an awful long time.  This is really doing you good, love.”

“I’m feeling a bit worn out now though Joyce.  Are you coming again tomorrow?  I’ve not been used to talkin’ this much for a while, and if it’s all the same to you, I think I need a bit more quiet now.”

“I understand Bob.  I think you must get used to the peace and quiet.  He is a benevolent God isn’t he, Bob?”

“Aye he’s everything they cracked ‘im up to be luv.  Proper champion.  Quite the gent.  I’m proper proud to have met ‘im.  A lot happier than I thought I would be actually, well, you know… to be dead.  I’ll see you tomorrow Joyce.”

“See you tomorrow, Bob.  Don’t you worry. We’ll all be there.  Night night love.”

© adewils 2010







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