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  • Other videos I’ve made

    Other videos I’ve made

    I’ve added a new page to my blog to feature other videos I’ve made …

  • “Sunflowers”


    I drew my impression of our sunflowers in the garden. Vincent Van Gogh is probably turning in his grave. The sunflowers are way past their best, but that’s because we’ve had some poor weather recently. Before After However, it’s nice to be able to say that today’s a beautiful day! This is my first bit…

  • CAC and Centre Pompidou Màlaga

    CAC and Centre Pompidou Màlaga

    In December 2018 on a day when I was starting with “man ’flu“, I revisited CAC Màlaga for the Hernan Bas exhibition, and also ventured into Centre Pompidou Màlaga, for the first time. I’d been looking forward to that for a while. The last time I’d been to CAC was to see Vik Muniz’s “Wasteland” exhibition.…

  • Frustration


    In a kitchen setting where an artist was demonstrating tone on a Rembrandt study, via Zoom, an explosion was oddly unexpected. I ducked down. That’s the last Andy McNab I’ll ever read.

  • A video of my visit to Vik Muniz’s exhibition “Portraits of Garbage”

    A video of my visit to Vik Muniz’s exhibition “Portraits of Garbage”

    It’s hard to believe it was 2012 when I saw Vik Muniz’ Portraits of Garbage exhibition at the CAC Malaga. I made a video!

  • Self portrait

    Self portrait

    On a hot day in the garden I used my iPad as a mirror and sketched a self portrait on paper …

  • “Drawing for beginners”

    “Drawing for beginners”

    I went to a beginners’ drawing class at a local college. The 1st lesson wasn’t what I was expecting…

  • The Morning After the Night Before

    The Morning After the Night Before

    You know the one where someone shows you a work of art or even just an everyday household object, and it inspires you to write something? I’ll show you mine, you show me yours…