Neon letters ART on dark blue

“Drawing for beginners”

Beginners drawing class … please

I went to a beginners’ drawing class at a local college. The 1st lesson wasn’t what I was expecting. But it was really enjoyable because I was drawing again. After completing the usual admin forms, the tutor said she was going to ‘free us up’.  She explained we needed to relax in order to draw, hence the Radio 2 Folk Show on the radio during every lesson I guess.  Next we chose an object to draw from a tray full of knick-knacks.  I chose a pine cone.  We drew our object with our usual hand (mine’s the right), then with our non-drawing hand, then holding the pencil at the very top, then with our “other” hand again at the very top.

A little loosener

After those looseners we started putting objects together on the table to draw a still life.  Natalie gave us 5 minutes start and then asked us to stand up and move a place to the left to work on another person’s drawing.  Soon progressing around the tables we were able to add colour via crayons or pastels. Eventually we landed back at our original drawing and could see all the additions everyone working on it had made.  And they were ‘interesting’!

Judging from the output pictures below, I think I’ve a few lessons to learn!  Boom, boom!

If you like these rudimentary drawings from when I went to a beginners’ drawing class at a local college, have a look at Sketching the Windmill






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