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  • Photo prompt kills!

    Photo prompt kills!

    The little man had sharp blue eyes similar to those of a mynah bird we once had caged in the kitchen at home. Gordon continued, “He’s my most trusted forensic man. He’ll take you through to the morgue…

  • Dialogue


    I was asked to write something entirely in dialogue. I’m not the greatest talker in the world but when it comes to imagining a dialogue that’s easier for me… see what you think.

  • Writer’s Block

    Writer’s Block

    Anyway I was tellin’ you about this geezer. Supposed to have done a lot he has. A lotta writin’ not a lotta wacky baccy! Does a lot of soul searchin’ too I expect. Staring out the window, I mean. Often see him, looking down at me I do. Why me I’ve no idea. I’m not…