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  • “Sunflowers”


    I drew my impression of our sunflowers in the garden. Vincent Van Gogh is probably turning in his grave. The sunflowers are way past their best, but that’s because we’ve had some poor weather recently. Before After However, it’s nice to be able to say that today’s a beautiful day! This is my first bit…

  • Self portrait

    Self portrait

    On a hot day in the garden I used my iPad as a mirror and sketched a self portrait on paper …

  • Sketching the lake

    Sketching the lake

    Here’s today’s sketch, made on another grey, cold day. I climbed over a fence to draw from the lakeside …

  • Sketching the windmill

    Sketching the windmill

    Hey it’s Springtime! A lovely day brought out lots of visitors to the town. I felt I should go draw. The windmill shouldn’t be too challenging to sketch, I thought! You can see how wrong I was. I hid in a shelter with people eating fish and chips on the other side of it and…

  • Sketching the bay

    Sketching the bay

    Well the drawing lessons have been running for a few weeks now and I’ve been unhappy with my output from them. I needed to get out from the classroom into the great outdoors …

  • “Drawing for beginners”

    “Drawing for beginners”

    I went to a beginners’ drawing class at a local college. The 1st lesson wasn’t what I was expecting…

  • Sketches of Spain

    Sketches of Spain

    I had some drawing lessons with a local artist. Then I went to Spain and spent some time doing some sketches from the terrace of our holiday apartment. See what you think of them.